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Fabrication, Blasting & Painting, Assembly, Repair & Remanufacturing, High-Pressure Testing.


Since its humble inception in 1975, as a small fabrication and machine shop, Process Manufacturing has grown to one of the Southwest Region’s premier Fabrication & Machining centers. To date, there is approximately 125,000 square feet dedicated purely to these services. And by bundling these under one roof, Process is able to internally control all logistics, costs, and timelines that would not otherwise be possible.

In addition, Process maintains the ASME stamps for “U” and “R” pressure vessel manufacturing and repair.

Our current, example list of precision Fabrication & Machining equipment includes:

(1) Haas, TL-3 CNC lathe
(1) Haas, VF-3BYT CNC vertical machining center
(1) Hass, VF-2B CNC vertical machining center
(1) Haas, SL-30TB turning center
(1) Miller, Pipeworx 400 – Jimmy Jammer robotic MIG welding system
(1) Piranha, Iron-worker with 70-tom capacity
(1) HE&M, horizontal bandsaw, CNC controlled and fed for 16” x 20” x 40’
(1) HE&M, mitre bandsaw, CNC controlled and fed for 16” x 22” x 40’
(1) Clausing, lathe with 60” centers
(1) Willis, radial arm press with 45” arm
(1) Alliant, ProtoTrak MX2 vertical milling machine
(1) Ransome welding manipulator, 1000A sub-arc, 10’ x 8’
(1) Pandjiris welding manipulator, 1000A sub-arc, 12’ x 12’
(1) Stinger welding manipulator, 1000A sub-arc, 10’ x 10’, with power cart
(1) AccurPress, CNC Pressbrake, 250-ton, 12’ bite
(1) C&G Systems, high-definition CNC plasma table, 9’ x 15’
(1) Mitsubishi, high-definition CNC laser table, 5’ x 10’
(1) Indoor, hydrostatic testing facility to include pumps, digital gauges, and 8’ x 16’ x 8’ tank


Blasting & Painting

In order to offer best-in-class lead times, cost controls, and quality of manufactured products, Process Manufacturing decided many years ago to bring blasting and painting in-house.

Today Process has two (2) stand-alone blast and paint facilities offering a total of nearly 40,000 square feet. Each facility houses a recycled, steel-shot, blast booth, each being 60’ long x 20’ wide x 18’ high. Both facilities are also capable of running soda blast for more sensitive applications.

Each blast booth then leads to a fully connected, indoor, paint room with the largest being 100’ x 200’. Each paint room is temperature, humidity, and vacuum controlled ensuring the highest quality and throughput, even when painting multiple colors simultaneously.

To round off the blast and painting capabilities, each facility has either 30-ton overhead crane capacity or rails for the extra heavy vessels or structures.



Completed in 2014, Process’s Assembly facility adds over 40,000 square feet to its already expansive footprint. This is where items machined, fabricated, blasted, and painted at Process, are assembled to the Customer’s final specifications for many of the markets serviced, such as Well-Servicing & Pressure Pumping, Upstream Production Equipment, and Midstream Pipeline Equipment. And with eight (8) overhead cranes ranging from 5 to 15-tons, and 23’ hook height, there is very little that Assembly cannot handle.

Assembly also houses a completely up-fitted, Electrical Clean Room where our trained technicians build new control consoles and junction boxes, as well as troubleshoot and repair existing control assemblies and devices. Process Electrical Technicians have decades of experience with PLC integration, sensor configuration and programming, Class 1 Division I or II installation principles, conduit and piping, J1939 and J1587 CAN bus diagnostics, as well as integration with electric-over-hydraulic and electric-over-pneumatic systems.

Throughout Process Manufacturing’s Assembly facility, Customers will find a friendly staff of Technicians fully trained in diesel engine mechanics, automatic transmission troubleshooting, chassis DOT repairs, mechanical assembly procedures such as torque specifications, and significant hydraulic and pneumatic installation, troubleshooting and repair capability.


Repair & Remanufacturing

For years, Process Manufacturing has rebuilt and repaired Pressure Pumping Equipment for the world’s largest Well-Servicing company. Now Process has opened its doors to all Customers in this market to share in our extensive capability, capacity, and experience.

And with years of experience manufacturing backside equipment, Process can easily handle repairs and remanufacturing of Blenders, Hydration Units, and even Cementers, all in addition to our high volume frac lines. Couple this with our in-house capability for blast and paint, and fabrication of all tanks and vessels, and Process Manufacturing truly stands apart from the Competition.


High-Pressure Testing

Coming in the Spring of 2018, Process Manufacturing will be adding the nation’s largest, high-pressure testing facility to round off the manufacturing, repair, or remanufacture of Customer frac equipment.

This facility will adequately, and safely, handle up to six (6) 2500-HHP frac pumps, as well as a blender and hydration unit in line. All units will be remotely monitored with a state-of-the-art, high speed control system capturing all of the important temperatures, pressures, trends, and prognostics and reliably storing this data for the future reference of the Customer.

In addition, this Test Facility will provide hundreds of barrels of water for use in the hydrostatic testing of the numerous, large vessels produced in the Fabrication Shop. All of which will be digitally monitored and recorded to assure the Customer that their highest quality expectations have been satisfied.

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